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TA-1088/PT Tactical Field Telephone

The TA-1088/PT Telephone is a neatly styled, lightweight, battery operated instrument which is suitable for connection to manual or automatic 2–wire field telephone system or central battery signaling exchanges.

This highly flexible field telephone is extremely rugged and provides excellent battery life from easily replaceable standard “C” size cells.

 The TA-1088/PT telephone provides facilities for magneto ringing, dc loop calling and two-way duplex speech communications.  It can also provide connection facilities via built-in keypad to automatic magneto or central battery exchanges, using either DTMF or loop disconnect signaling.

The body of the TA-1088/PT molded in tough self-colored ABS, is waterproof and extremely rugged. The body contains the electronic circuits of the telephone, and the 3 “C” Alkaline batteries are housed in a separately-sealed compartment underneath. The controls of the telephone are located on a protected panel at the front of the unit, together with the two-wire terminals.




Standard characteristics:

  • Magneto signaling by momentary switch operation ( RING )

  • Audible / visual call indication

  • Handset PTT switch, which enables the microphone.

  • Warning LED for “Low Battery”

  • LED for holding ring for 20 sec., outgoing warning ring and Ring Back.

  • Push button dial pad for loop disconnected or DTMF signalling

  • Two second timer for magneto ringer (battery saver)

  • Last number re-dial

  • Two extra signaling Buttons (Flash) – (OPTIONAL).





The TA-1088/PT Tactical Field Telephone is compatible with all common types of magneto and central/battery switchboards including:

  • RA-2135 Auto Field switchboard

  • SB-130/GY Auto Field Switchboard

  • SB-3614(V)/TT Auto Field Switchboard

  • 22A100 Series Eleven-Line Switchboard

  • RA-525 System Matel

  • RA-2100 Magneto Field Switchboard

  • SB-22(A)/PT Series Magneto Field Switchboard.




The TA-1088/PT comprises, main body, housing the electronics and batteries, and H-189 telephone handset. A two-position clip enables secure or free storage of the handset. A connector can be provided for connection of the handset, data terminal or PC.  

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